At Southpaw Boxing Club, we provide an environment full of support and encouragement while promoting our members to be competitive with themselves. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and push each other to help reach individual goals. We have several membership plans to offer both individuals and families. Give us a call at (740) 973-4869 and we can help find the best membership for you. We are located in the back left corner of the building so make sure to park accordingly.



4920 Scioto Darby Rd.

Hilliard, OH 43026


What to expect


60-minute fitness classes that integrate traditional boxing combinations and movements with cardio drills and strength training for a full-body workout.

At each class, members can expect:

  • 10 minutes of warm-up exercises

  • 40 minutes of combinations and drills

  • 10 minutes of core and abdominal work